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Never Ever Go to Takasu Clinic,or Just Japan for Surgery. - Nagoya, Japan

My eyes are the same size after the surgery and when i told him before the operation that i want my eyelashes to face upwards he told me its impossible with the double eyelid surgery, i need to pay extra USD 9,670.03 for extra skin removal, i was like WTF ?! because i see on youtube videos and in here that double eyelid surgery will make my eyelashes face upwards,and he didnt remove the excess... READ MORE

Questions from fallenbishop

Eyelid Surgery: Fat Reduction? (photo)

I want to remove the fats from my eyelid without becoming double eyelids,i mean the "typical " double eyelids for asian eyes, i just dont like it. i just want a little bit of... READ MORE

Teeth Alignment and Gums? (photo)

Hi,can braces pull my molar closer to my pre molar to fill the gap where i had my molar removed? if it can,how long would it take ? and im not sure but are my gums receding?... READ MORE

Asian Eyelid Revision Possible? (photo)

I had my eyelids done 1 month ago in japan,the incision is asymmetrical and they didnt remove the fats especially in the outer corner of my eyes and thus making my eyes look... READ MORE

My Asian Eyelid Surgery Left Keloid Scars? (photo)

And i am thinking of eyelid surgery revision,but i am worried that it will leave another keloid scar. Is there a way to prevent keloid scar in my next surgery? Is there a way... READ MORE

Can I Achieve Desired Results With Asian Eyelid Surgery Revision? (photo)

This surgery is 6 months ago,i hate the results,the lid beneath the crease line is too fatty, and i have ptosis.I failed in my first cosmetic surgery i dont want to fail again... READ MORE

Am I A Good Candidate For Asian Rhinoplasy/ Bulbous Nose? (photo)

Ive always hated my nostrils,when i laugh it streches sidewards rather than caucasian when the laugh it streches upwards,the middle of my nose makes it look like a garlic shape... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty: can see the end of silicone on my nose bridge?

It's been 2 moths since i had asian rhinoplasty and i had a really low nose bridge so when i had it done i can see where the silicone tip begins on my nose bridge and it looks... READ MORE

My nose job looks fake. How to make it look more natural? (photo)

4months since my closed rhinoplasty and poeple been asking if i had nose job everytime i go anywhere it's annoying. My friends telling me that my nose before was better.i... READ MORE

Facelift: the thread came out of my skin! Is this a failure? (Photo)

While i was washing my face there was a black dot which i thought was a scab from thread lift and botox and scratched it only to figure out it was a thread from my thread... READ MORE

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They look really natural! so happy for you! READ COMMENT

Its been 4 years so the keloid scars are gone (not sure how long it took) but the scars itself are still very visible when i look down or close my eyes so its hard to hide the fact that i got surgery :( yes ive done revision in korea... READ COMMENT

Hi! had my nose done at wonjin. i didnt like it,but eyelid surgery and chin surgery were great. 100% recommend for those surgeries! READ COMMENT

Hi cassandra! i had my surgery at wonjin! i forgot the name of the doctor but he was a young doctor and was really nice he made sure i feel comfortable before and after the surgery! READ COMMENT

I regret that i had my surgery in japan. i had my ptosis correction done in seoul ,gangnam and the doctor was really nice and i like my results. korea is the best!!! READ COMMENT