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13 weeks post op - Atlanta, GA

My name is Anna and I am 40 yrs old. I am the mother of 4 year old twins who i adore. The years have not been kind to the boobies and lets just say they are south of the border and extremely large. I am large too though at 230lbs. I need to lose weight also which for some reason i just cannot motivate myself to do. My back and neck hurt constantly and I actually think I am leaning forward all... READ MORE

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You are right top heavy.. And every day that i look down and see nipples. I am very thankful. That is something that i never could have done before.. I think when i finally get off my butt and lose weight they will be even smaller..... READ COMMENT

Your boobies are so neat :) Mine are still kind of big, but then they do match my body so i really can't complain.. But you are looking awesome. READ COMMENT

I remember having a few patches that felt hard and lumpy that were sore so sorry you have that as i am sure its very unpleasant. As for the husband.. Try some laxatives... that should get him moving faster :) READ COMMENT

Hey Natalie... Gosh I haven't been on here in ages.. Thought I would just check in to see how you are doing. Sounds like you have been going through the mill a bit with a few issues.. Pleased you are doing better now.. It won't be long... READ COMMENT

Hey... They are looking great. Continue getting lots of rest. Everyone else can wait. This is your time. I hope your Mom is doing OK too, ears can be tricky. I haven't logged on much recently. All is well this end. I am fully... READ COMMENT