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Should a Breast Lift Be Done Before, During, or After Augmentation? (photo)

I am planning on augmentation from small B cup to a D cup. My nipple is at the inframammary fold and I have little to no skin showing below the areola, presumably from weight... READ MORE

I Want to Repair a Crooked Nose, but I Have Natural Facial Asymmetry with Eyes, Jaws, Etc?

The most glaring asymmetry is my nose and I am considering a consultation for rhinoplasty, but just wondered if fixing my nose is going to cause the rest of my face to seem... READ MORE

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Congrats on what will become beautiful new boobies over the next few weeks. Tell your mom your color will come back in a couple more days. I had the same pale sickly look too. READ COMMENT

I also had anesthesia nausea. That was the first two words I said to my nurse as I was waking up. Sick and pain. My brain was fuzzy as i woke up and i couldnt think of anything else to say. My incisions were lollipop and the first few... READ COMMENT

Make your surgery recovery easier by gettingnyourmhouse as clean as possible, do all your laundry, have frozen meals that are easy for the first couple days. Get ice packs or frozen peas to help with swelling and pain. Lots of pillows... READ COMMENT

I had a Wednesday surgery and took pain meds every six hours until Saturday. Night time is when you need them the most to sleep comfortably because it is so hard to sleep sitting up and get used to the pressure. Mine was not too bad on... READ COMMENT

Your breasts are so similar to mine in shape and size. I had a lift and silicone implants over the muscle. I am so glad I did the lift. I am heavier than you and went with 500cc over the muscle. I wish I was a little larger, but they... READ COMMENT