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11 Days post op and just like new...almost

You may have figured out by my "nickname" PSEX that I was married to a plastic surgeon for 20 years and I ran his office for 12. The rest of the time I supported him through a 7-year surgical residency. The reason I mention this is because that experience has given me a unique perspective on all plastic surgical procedures. Although things have changed a lot since I was involved so closely... READ MORE

Status of cracked tooth post Gentle Yag skin tightening

I have been having the skin tightening with the Gentle Yag for 3 or 4 sessions. My latest treatment was last Thursday and as the technician was doing my upper lip, she told me to be sure to keep my tongue between my lip and teeth because she "didn't want to hit my teeth with the laser." It never occurred to me that my teeth were at risk. That evening I felt something unusual about one of my... READ MORE

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Your biopsy is Wednesday, right? Please let us know the outcome. Lunch offer is still on the table. My treat, READ COMMENT

No, I requested to be removed from the site but all they will do is take my photos off. Take it from me, I have the cutest little boobs ever. How'd he do that:? Take out some implants and rearrange everything to make smaller and cuter... READ COMMENT

The Benedryl did work during the "recovery" ordeal, in fact, it made me sleep too much. I am sleeping but not during the hours I want to sleep. I sleep until noon once I get back to sleep at 4:30 a.m. I'm out of the Valium. I just took... READ COMMENT

I just ache for you. I wish there was something I could do to cheer you up. You just have too much to deal with right now. I'm feeling great; almost well. I went shopping for some new skinny jeans and I went to lunch and a movie with my... READ COMMENT

Yes, I'm here. I'm just kind of laying low. I would almost say I'm "well". I slept for a few days and just couldn't muster any strength. Then suddenly I felt like I wanted to get a substitute for the compression garment which was riding... READ COMMENT