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Rhinoplasty to Make Nose Slightly More Upturned? (photo)

My nose has gotten larger and more pronounced within the last few years and I really want it to be more upturned but I don't want that pig look! Or is it possible to have the... READ MORE

Should I Do a Nose Tip Refinement? Or Do I Need to Do More for a More Attractive Nose? (photo)

My nose sometimes looks decent straight on but when I smile, I feel like the tip droops and it just looks long and bulbous. I've been self conscious of it for years but I don't... READ MORE

Would cutting the septi depressor muscle result in a less droopy tip and a more attractive nose? (Photo)

I like the overall look of the nose when my face is at rest and I even don't mind the profile look of my nose but when I smile, I feel like the tip droops down so much and... READ MORE

23, female. Would I be a good candidate for a chin implant? Would it balance my face without making it look masculine? (Photo)

Compared to my eyes and nose, I feel like the lower third of my face is small. Would a chin implant balance out my face without making it look masculine? Also, would it make my... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty or chin implant for more attractive face? (Photo)

I've been researching both and I'm curious about which procedure would give me more bang for my buck. If I chose one, which would help me achieve a more attractive/proportional... READ MORE

Chin implant for a sharp jawline and to balance face - female, 25? (photos)

I have a small chin compared to the rest of my face and I want my face to be more proportionate and balanced. I also adore sharp, defined jawlines on women and am hoping to... READ MORE

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Good luck! I have nothing to add as for as experience, I've been researching rhinoplasty forever though and I just saw your post haha but I wish you luck! READ COMMENT

You look amazing! i just stumbled onto your post and your nose is basically what I want mine to look like. Silly question since you said it above, but did your doctor do a full rhinoplasty or just a tip refinement? Thanks! READ COMMENT