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You also asked about cheek and periorbital injections of filler and the complication of intermittent or idiopathic fluid collection or retention. First, filler injected in the cheeks is "off-label". This means that the FDA has not... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your comment. While protecting confidentiality, I can tell you that the person who made the post "8 years later" never contacted me or my office for help or further care. While it is my intention to deliver the best care... READ COMMENT

Glad to provide any information that would help READ COMMENT

This is a great question and one that comes up a lot, so thank you for asking it. My best advice is to take the time to have the consultation. Nothing is more valuable than your impression and personal feeling. When I meet a new... READ COMMENT

I am sorry for your frustration. I cannot tell you without seeing you and without photographs what would be the best care for you. There are excellent plastic surgeons who have expertise in this area and consulting with one of them... READ COMMENT