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Liposuction of Flanks - North Carolina

I was never fat growing up and was always called a string bean. I was lucky and inherited my grandma's "tall" genes ( I put that in quotations because most people in my family hover at 5 ft and below. I am around 5'4'' haha ). But I also inherited something all females in my family have, the "spare tire" around the midsection. Even at my most fit in high school, when I stayed around 120 lbs... READ MORE

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You look great!!! definitely a difference :) READ COMMENT

I think you will be fine. Trying to think back on my time, I think after the first week I probably would have been just fine going back to work. Luckily I work from home at the moment so I didn't have to worry about it, but pain pills... READ COMMENT

Thank u! I know, i thought i'd never reach this point lol..I'm ready to be 6 months post-op now! and i'm ready for bikini season =P but u'll be there soon enough :) READ COMMENT

Thanks! haha i know, i never really was big, it was just an area that wouldnt freakin budge and bothered the hell out of me. when i was 25 lbs heavier, i'm halfway certain that 25 lbs was right in that area lol, my legs and arms didnt... READ COMMENT

It is the swelling! The first week after my surgery I felt like a blob. But a little over a month later, my waist looks great. Patience sucks sometimes lol READ COMMENT