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Acne-scarred Forehead, What Do You Recommend? (photo)

Hey! I've had acne a few years ago and now my skin looks like that. Very uneven. I tried microdermabrasion and it works but just for a few weeks and I'm looking for something... READ MORE

Which Type of Laser for This Surgery Scar? (photo)

This scar is from a surgery procedure cause the dr was removing a red dot and told me there will be no visible scar. But as you can see it's really big. The scar has a white... READ MORE

Orange Peel or Whatever? Cryotherapy on Nose?

I'm so sad about this procedure I had. I had a surgery scar on my nose and I had some cyrotherapy on it, which worked very well. But then I was goint to a doctor to get it... READ MORE

Gristle or Zit? (photo)

I'm very depressed right now cause I got laser treatment on my nose. When I see it in special light the skin is so uneven, like there's a plastic layer above it. And on the... READ MORE

Which treatment would you suggest for this scar on my nose (red / purple color in special light)? (photos)

I had kyrotherapy to even out the hard edges which worked great and had dermastamp treatment wih a little sucess. But what I want to know is what can I do to make these scar... READ MORE

I have a problem with a zit (?) on my nose tip. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have a problem with a zit (?) on my nosetip. I can touch it and its really hard, I can pull it up and down and it looks like a black or yellow dot. I dont know if its a... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for chicken Pox like scars? (Photo)

I have a dent on my forehead which resultet from laser treatment. Its not that obvious for others. But it does bother me very much because its in the middle of my forehead.... READ MORE

Will this scar? (photos)

A friend of mine scratched my face the last weekend by accident, will this scar? Cause I can see a really thin line from my nose to my cheek. READ MORE

What to do for this scar? (photos)

Hey. I have had this nail scratch since april 2015. It now looks a bit better than in the beginning but I am scared that this thing will stay forever. What can I do to improve... READ MORE

Nose Job and cheek reduction? (photos)

I have a problem with my cheeks Cause sometimes they look so full and on other pictures they look more sunken, which i prefer to look like. It can't have something to do with... READ MORE

Is this wound healing or scar? (photos)

Hello, i just want to ask if this "scar" or whatever it is will fade over time. I know its very small but for me it is visible and in daylight theres like a white shaddow... READ MORE

What can be done for this scar? (photos)

Hey I have two scars that do bother me a lot. One is on my nose tip and the other on my forehead. Which treatments would work best? What bothers me about the nose scar is that... READ MORE

Can a nose scar be treated after rhinoplasty?

Hey I have a scar on my nose and I am planning nose surgery, can the scar later be treated or must that been done first? READ MORE

Scar shadow. Any suggestions? (photos)

Since last year I got a small linear scar on my cheek, I think it has become better, it wasn't even bleeding in the beginning but I see a shaddow in some light and I am scared... READ MORE

Damage from dermapen; will it fade? (Photo)

I dont know if theres a reason for my panic but I had a Dermapen treatment a few days ago. I got one very small new line scar from it which you cant even see in photos and... READ MORE

Different nostrils after nose job - 3 months post-op. (photo)

I had a nose job end of december and still got two different nosetrils. Is that normal or still swelling cause the skin looks a little bumpy above the long nosetril? READ MORE

Acne scars: I still have an uneven texture and a hole from a laser damage. (photos)

I have had acne when I was very young. What can I do instead of laser treatment to get improvement? I even have a glabella line which is even visible with botox injections. READ MORE

Lazy eye? (Photos)

I tried to take more photos from different ancles and one in movement. My left eye is like more opened and the other one is closed. Is it possible to fix that? READ MORE

Recent comments from Christian1

I also have this problem, can someone check my pictures to see if it looks the sane way as yours please? READ COMMENT

The same thing happened to me. My damage is just on the nose but if I look in the mirror I can see sandpaperlike skin. Everybody is telling me that it doesn't look that bad but I know how my skin looked like before and it wasn't that... READ COMMENT