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Smart Lipo, Upper/lower Abs and Flanks - California, CA

I am 5'2" and I weigh 138 pounds. I had a baby last year and although I have lost all the baby weight, my abdomen is still big. I researched about the smartlipo and the reason I wanted to do it is because it claims that your skin can be tighten. I am afraid of doing it because I have read that it can be painful and I am afraid of the pain. I have my procedure on October 25. Hopefully, I am... READ MORE

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Hi Sharon, I am 26 weeks and I am not still happy but I am going to do a touch up next Monday. She will do only around my belly. I am not very happy to use the garmen during this hot but it will get work during the summer and I don't... READ COMMENT

She said that I don't have fat what I have is lose skin. She saw that I have some fat just under my brest above my belly so she will do that and will try do do laser to make look better around my belly. She said that people with uneven... READ COMMENT

Hi Spyce, The problem is if I look for somebody else, I have to pay and I don;t want to do that. I rather go to Mexico (I am from there) and do a tummy tuck. I will have to pay the same as an smartlipo in USA. I feel that it is unfair.... READ COMMENT

Daisy 76, I saw her a the begginning of April and she said that I had some lose skin. Do you think get rid of the skin even is not too much it will be same price as people who have a lot. I just wondering. I am going to have a touch up... READ COMMENT

I don't know what is going on. I just can tell you that I excersice 5 times a week. I don't eat carbs most of the time but with one day that I eat them, I gain all the pounds I have lost. The problem is that I was expecting to look... READ COMMENT