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52 Years Old and Always Had Extra Skin Never Thought I Would Do Anything About It Tho.

I went in to find out about a TT. Then how to get rid of skin on my eyes. The time and price was perfect for me so I scheduled it and paid 30% so I would not back out!! Lol my eyes are a bit dry right now but everything looks very even. Right eye is a little tight but was told that is normal. Update later READ MORE

Questions from ICUgood2020

7 days since TT & MR. Drains out day 6, how often to I change dressing on drain site (Photo)

I was told just peroxide, also I have no pain or swelling, to be honest I feel pretty much normal. How is this possible considering what I've been through READ MORE

My right eye keeps watering and doesn't close tight. (Photos)

I had upper eye lid surgery 7 days ago, stitches are out, what can I do at home to help this eye.. READ MORE

TT and full muscle repair DAY 12. Tape was taken off today, will I stay the same size?

. I am able to go to Y and walk. But he said no sweating, why is that? I also put 2 butterflies on 2 spots that looks weak. Is that ok? My main question is VAIN. HE said a... READ MORE

13 days post TT, when can I used a marble in my belly button? (photo)

Day 13 went in today, every thing is great. I asked about a marble and when I can start. He said I don't need too. But I want to, so when and how would I do this. READ MORE

Tummy tuck and MR - how is my healing going? (photos)

Just Curious on how my healing process is doing. I feel great, walking straight, just got back from vac. Which I drove 450 miles one way and home again. I'm still only used in... READ MORE

Water build up after TT and MR?

What happens if this is not drained ? My doctor said it's fine but I feel swollen. Even had Ct scan at ER due to something not related. They called my PS and he came but said... READ MORE

Muscle repair and tummy tuck. Is there really a difference between two months and four months?

I had my two month check up today. He wants to see me in two more months and take photos is there really a difference between two months and four months READ MORE

Tummy tuck and weight loss

I went from a size 18 to a size 10. Through extreme workouts and eating clean and healthy. I had a tummy tech and muscle repair I had three children who always did over 10... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and MR -- will I flatten out more? (Photos)

I was wonder if a change from week 10 to 16 is that noticeable ? Then photos again at month 6. I'm 10 weeks out from MR & TT. My dr wants to wait til week 16 to take photos... READ MORE

Why is this so thick and still bulging? It's been 5 months

I had full ttt and MR . I'm still a size 5/6 but this will not flatten no matter how long I wear my binder READ MORE

Recent comments from ICUgood2020

Did they say why it was black and so large? Will it get smaller READ COMMENT

Any photos of before and after? And how much did u lose? Did your dress size change READ COMMENT

Has your size changed much? I weigh the same from surgery date but I've drop from a 12 to a size 6. This is so crazy READ COMMENT

Do you have a update photo? Especially the belly button area READ COMMENT

The juice heals you inside out. READ COMMENT