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So happy that you are doing well. Today I really hit a funk. I've had my bandages changed 2 times now. Yesterday looked in the mirror during the change, and gross! Doctor said everything looks great and on Saturday I will most likely... READ COMMENT

How are things going? I am now a day and half recovered. My face is really swollen but most of the intense pain is gone. My face is covered by bandages so I can't see what I look like ( probably better). Go back in tomorrow for surgeon... READ COMMENT

Wow your 2 week pictures look amazing! READ COMMENT

Wow the swelling got really bad, but that is good for me to know what to expect. Was your face covered by bandages at all? My plastic surgeon told me that I will have bandages for the first few days following the peel. Your day 5... READ COMMENT

Love reading your blog of the recovery as I am having this done on Friday. It is nice to now the reality of the recovery. Thanks so much. READ COMMENT