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I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. I have the same problems with my skin. My doctor kept promising me things would change over time even after one year and 4 months he could offer no explanation for what happened to me other than... READ COMMENT

I too suffered great loss from fraxel. I know I will never look the same. My life has been seriously altered as a result. READ COMMENT

Did you contact an atty? Any resolution? I am considering doing the same thing to stop the Dr. from doing this to others. I know he is aware that he's damaging people he even said " I wish I could take away all the mirrors of you... READ COMMENT

FSRB thank you for your reply. So far all I have tried is a light retinol cream called renova perscribed by a different dermatologist. Of course she shook her head when I pointed out what the laser did to me. I ended up with... READ COMMENT

FSRB are you still seeing improvements in your skin? Did the orange peel texture every go away? I'm desperately trying to find a solution at one year out of this nightmare. READ COMMENT