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Evaluation - Chicago, IL

I had an initial appointment with Dr Shah. It was a very good experience. Staff was professional and I didn't have to wait too long . I didn't feel rushed and got all my questions answered. They took pictures of my face and the doctor made several morphs which he later emailed to me. I had a good 'vibe' from this visit. READ MORE

Tickle Lipo on Flanks. Addison, IL

I was considering CoolSculpting for my flanks top but was skeptical about its effectiveness on this particular area. The fat here is pretty firm and I don't think the machine would suck it in nicely. I got a sweet deal for tickle lipo (50% off) and decided to go for it. I would discourage anyone from choosing a doctor based on price though. It is an invasive procedure not a mani-pedi and... READ MORE

Sculptra -Hinsdale, IL

I had about 5 sessions of Sculptra done in 2012-2013 by two doctors and I am mostly satisfied. It has been about 18 months since my first injection and I developed no nodules at all even in areas with thin skin. Dr Kopovolic is really nice and does a great job. He injects superficially with virtually no bruising which is very important for me because I want to keep it discreet. It... READ MORE

Zeltiq Lower Stomach -Chicago, IL

I want to say Thank you to all users or realself who take their time to write reviews on cosmetic procedures and services. Now it is my time to share my experience. I wasted a lot of money on spot reduction therapies like I-lipo with zero results so was very skeptical about Zeltiq procedure, however, I still decided to try it out. I would never pay the whole price for one session (1200-1500$)... READ MORE

Questions from 12376

Loss of Volume in a Short Period of Time? (photo)

I lost a lot of facial volume over very short period of time (less than a year). I did not loose any weight! I believe it has something to do with Botox injections since it... READ MORE

Diluted Sculptra?

I had 3 sessions of Sculptra injections (1 vial)) with good results. On my 2nd and 3rd visit, unlike 1st, the doctor didn't open vial in front of me but brought 5 prefilled... READ MORE

Sculptra in forehead and under eyes?

It is time to "refill" my face with Sculptra. My biggest area of concern is my forehead. Several doctors refused to inject my forehead and the last doctor did inject it with... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I have always hated my nose and finally decided to do rhinoplasty. i was wondering if someone can explain to me what exactly needs to be done to my nose . i want to remove the... READ MORE

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Hi can you please update us on your progress? Also, I would really appreciate more recent pictures. Thank you! READ COMMENT

Did you have that bump before? as I commented earlier: if the tip drops (which most likely WILL happen) and the extra tissue on top (most likely swelling not your bone) goes down then your nose will look really good. READ COMMENT

Foxysoxy, can you please post before and after photos? (you can hide eyes to stay anonymous ) Or atleast please email to me privately. I would greatly appreciate it because I am considering Dr Shash and want to see real patients results... READ COMMENT

Just want to add: if swelling on upper part goes down your nose will look proportional. Even if it doesn't - I believe it can be always augmented little with tiny bit of filler. Bottom line: yes, your nose does look overworked at this... READ COMMENT

It has been two weeks and I think it is too early to be upset. Your nose doesn't look as bad as you think. Based on my extensive research I can say that 95% your tip will drop so I wouldn't worry about that. However, I think the... READ COMMENT