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When I Smile or Squint the Thin Skin Under my Eyes Puffs Up into Wrinkly Bags. What Are my Options? (photo)

I have thin skin and dark circles under my eyes. When I am expressionless, I have only faint lines which I don't mind, but when I smile or squint, I have puffy wrinkly bags... READ MORE

I Have Aging Thin Sun Damaged Skin. What Can I Do to Fix Crinkly Fine Lines and Wrinkles on my Cheeks? (photo)

I'm aware I can get Botox for the lines near my eyes and a filler for deep lines near my mouth, but my biggest area of concern is the thin wrinkly skin on my cheeks (see... READ MORE

Varying opinions on over or under the muscle implants. Is one of these better than the other based on my photos? (photos)

I was hoping to get implants now and a lift in 5-10 years as I don't like the vertical scars and I'm hoping technology will improve. I had 2 consultations for breast... READ MORE