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Is It Possible to Get a Rhinolasty for Around 5000 in New Jersey?

I am very interested in a rhinoplasty and I am hoping to find a decent price without compromising the quality of the doctor (although I know the two tend to go hand in hand. I... READ MORE

Can I Get Rhinoplasty Surgery While I Am Using Invisalign?

Hi everyone. I am starting Invisalign on October 15th and my orthodontist told me that it will take about a year to complete it. I am hoping to schedule a rhinopalsty procedure... READ MORE

How Important is It to Go to a Doctor That Specializes in Rhinoplasty?

I am getting a rhinoplasty and I am still trying to find the right surgeon. I found one that I think I like and is in my price range but I am a little skeptical because he does... READ MORE

Would You Be Offended if a Patient Brought a Different Doctor's Digital Picture to You?

I went for a consult with one surgeon and I really liked the digital imaging he created for me. However, I did not like the surgeon's personality so I decided not go with him.... READ MORE

Are Laser Facials (Particularly Limelight) Safe for Very Sensitive Skin?

I am very interested in getting laser facials as I have uneven skin tone and redness. However, my skin is very sensitive and I am worried about the laser harming it. Are... READ MORE

Can I get laser genesis treatment on my face while taking Trazodone?

Can I get laser genesis treatment on my face while taking Trazodone? I believe it is a photosensitive medication so I just want to make sure. If not, how long would I have to... READ MORE

Rosacea treatments for patient on photosensitive medication?

What are some effective rosacea treatments for patients who take photosensitive medication? I am interested in getting some type of laser or other advanced treatment, but was... READ MORE

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How Did You Find That Others Reacted to Your Rhinoplasty?

I am considering a rhinoplasty but I am concerned with the reactions of others. I don't really want to draw attention to myself, and I know that if I knew someone who got work... READ MORE

Does anyone have experience with Dr Scott Zevon in NYC?

I was wondering if anyone has a rhinoplasty experience with Dr. Scott Zevon in NYC that they could share. Although I see some good reviews for him online, the majority of them... READ MORE

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Congrats on a successful surgery! Were you able to use insurance for part of the fee? READ COMMENT

Congrats on a successful surgery! Were you able to get your insurance company to chip in? Seems like a very low price! READ COMMENT

I'm glad you like your new nose! Would you mind sharing whether the 8500 price included anesthesia and hospital fees? Thanks! READ COMMENT

I am considering Dr. Kwak - would you mind sharing whether your price included anesthesia/hospital fees? Thanks!! READ COMMENT

I'm glad it went well :) would you mind sharing whether the $7000 included anesthesia/hospital fees? thanks! READ COMMENT