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Curious About Penis Enlargement?

I was curious about getting this operation done but had 3 main concerns. 1. What are the risks and side affects? 2. How many iches can you gain? 3. and the biggest question,... READ MORE

Lipo for the Face?

I was looking to get lipo done on my face ( possibly smart lipo). More specifically the double chin and jowl area and cheeks. My question is, I am not overweight but since I... READ MORE

Bumps Under the Eyes? (photo)

Hello! Under my eyes I have bumps, lines, and darkness. ( As seen in picture ) I am mostly concerned about the bumps. I was wondering does anyone know what that is and how I... READ MORE

Am I Losing my Hair? (photo)

I posted some pictures because I am not sure if I am loosing my hair. I have recently noticed some thining in the front and back but I am not sure if I am really loosing my... READ MORE

Are There Any Prefered Injectables That Can Accomplish Larger Defined Cheekbones Instead of Getting An Implant?

Hello, I am a 22 year old male. I was looking to get well defined, masculine cheeks. Preferably defined ones that sit higher up. My question is, are there any prefered... READ MORE

How to Get Hollow Cheeks for Male in His Early 20's?

Hello, I am a male in my early 20's. I have a rounder face. I was hoping to undergo some sort of procedure to make my cheeks more hollow to give my face more definition.... READ MORE