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Hi Jason, It sounds like you aren't having the most fun summer! Sorry. It should get better rather quickly. I have found that guys often have a harder time during the recovery process than women. I guess that's why we weren't... READ COMMENT

Alli is half-strength prescription orlistat-Xenical. It will not "make" one lose weight.  It helps block the absorption of fat. . .causing one to eat less fat or deal with very annoying (and disgusting) anal leakage. It... READ COMMENT

Hi Cindy, Don't worry. The Perlane (or Restylane if that's what you had in your lips) will last longer than 3 weeks. Keep an eye on the redness at the injection sites. You should have your doctor take a look to make sure you are... READ COMMENT

If you want a little more volume, have some put in now. If you like the new size. . .then you know what you are shooting for. Remember, you can save anything that is left over. If you wait until it's "gone", you'll likely be... READ COMMENT

Good call, Mary. Do you use fillers? (I get the same question all the time. . .so I had to ask.) READ COMMENT