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Sounds about normal to be honest- happened to me, hopefully it WILL heal, I had to have a second surgery . They did give me cream for mine (you can ready more about my experience on this read ) READ COMMENT

Oh wow he actually pulls the stitches? That's odd READ COMMENT

I'm very surprised he didn't give you anything. I got the burn cream because mine were pretty severe. If they are big enough they won't close on their own. And I don't even see my doctor, my nurse gave me the cream. Hopefully your doc... READ COMMENT

Mine didn't close on their own. The nurse gave me silver sulfadiazine cream to put on the openings and bandage for a while but they got to big and meaty so I had to have a second surgery to close the incisions. If they are as big as you... READ COMMENT

I am five weeks post op right now- I've had the same issue with my incisions opening up, mostly the incision under my left breast- I popped quite a few stitches and the incision kept opening. I went to see my doc- the nurse gave me an... READ COMMENT