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Picosure & RF Needling for Age Spots. Calgary, AB

I've used so many different spot lightening treatments and they've all been so expensive and time consuming only to see no visible improvement. After spending several hundred dollars on serums I gave up. Finally I came across RF needling on the Internet by chance and saw how well sun spots were treated with it. I went in for a consult to have some RF needling done. My laser tech said she... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar Revision on Neck - Calgary, AB

I have a 4 cm long hypertrophic scar on my neck from a chemical burn. It started out small and almost unnoticeable so I left it thinking it would just heal normally. As the weeks went by I noticed it started getting more raised and red. I tried silicone scar creams and scar tapes but all they really did was soften the scar tissue temporarily. If I didn't wear them the scar would just go back... READ MORE

Currently in Braces After a Year - Brampton, ON

I had a 5 mm overjet and a tooth on top that stuck out from the rest. Also my lower teeth were slightly crowded, although they didn't really bother me. I just didn't feel I loved my smile like I once did so I took the plunge. I'm currently 16 months into my treatment and my orthodontist says I'm pretty close to taking them off because my overjet has decreased to 1.5 mm so it's very good. My... READ MORE

Permanent Eyebrows - Toronto, ON

I've always had great brows. They're thick and bushy but my real issue is that they grow like weeds and reshaping them was always a hassle when they started growing so fast and out of control. I started using a #1 guard on my trimmer and shaving them down and just drawing them in with brow powder. So, of course on days I didn't feel like drawing them in I'd look like a freak! I was told I... READ MORE

Questions from Gingerbelle8

Cosmetic Work with Bonded Lingual Retainer? (photo)

I have a bonded retainer on my upper and lower incisors. If I want to lengthen my lateral incisors with veneers or bonding does that retainer need to be removed in order to... READ MORE

Will this blood clot beneath the skin eventually go away? (photos)

I had scar revision surgery a few weeks ago. The scar itself is better than I had ever imagined it to be. Now the bruising is left. I know that will eventually fade. What's... READ MORE

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Yeah I can post an actual picture once I'm allowed to remove the tape in one week. READ COMMENT

Hi! Most the scar is barely visible after 2 years except for that bump. I think it puckered and bumped up. I went back in to the same PS and he is going to remove that bump at no charge! I'm hoping after this it will be the end of this... READ COMMENT

Looking good! I'm contemplating Dr Chong for a breast lift. How was recovery and the long drive back home? Also I would love to see updates of your scar. It looks like he did it under the crease. READ COMMENT

I think I will have to treat the small bump separately and get it excised. Another scar to treat. Sigh... READ COMMENT

Exciting!! I hope your consultation goes well. READ COMMENT