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What Can I Do to Fix Off-centered Teeth? (photo)

My top teeth are slightly shifted to the side.. will braces fix this? I dont want to have jaw surgery :( READ MORE

Can Braces or Invisalign Fix my Teeth? (photo)

I want to have my teeth straightened so I can have a perfect smile.. At school people always make fun I me because of my jagged teeth but I really care about my appearance too... READ MORE

Can Invisalign or Ceramic Braces Work for my Teeth? (photo)

I am almost seventeen and my family has finally earned enough money to afford some sort of dental treatment. However at school, I have to do a lot of presentations and I am... READ MORE

Estimated Cost of Braces to Fix my Teeth? (photo)

My parents have obtained a dental insurance that covers the entire cost as long as it's $3000-4000 so I would like an opinion on the total cost on braces to help me straighten... READ MORE