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Amazing! Goal is to Go Without Makeup this Summer! - Arizona, AZ

I've been on a low does of 20mg per day for about two months now and I can't believe the results! I had an awful first month of initial breakouts that was the worse acne I have ever had. I was getting frustrated and then towards the end of month 2 my skin texture changed and it was smooth! I have a pimple here and there but all that is left is scars and redness which I hope will fade over the... READ MORE

Questions from katt93

Is It Safe to Have Laser Hair Removal While on Accutane?

I've been doing laser hair removal for over a year on my brazillian area and underarms. I'm am very tolerant and any redness from treatments fade in less than an hour at a very... READ MORE

Do Low Dose Accutane Regimens Have Significantly Less Side Effects?

My Dermatologist wants to put me on 20mg per day for six months. My mother, however, reads stories on the internet of horrific side effects and is hesitant to allow me to go on... READ MORE

How Long After Accutane Can I Resume Consumption of Alcohol?

Would a week be long enough to resume consumption of alcohol? I'm going to Europe for New Years and I can't resist a good bottle of wine or champagne. How long before my trip... READ MORE

What Laser Treatment is Best to Get Rid of Acne Scars, Discoloration, and Sun Damage with the Least Amount of Recovery Time?

I completed a successful course of Acutane in the spring and now I'm left with many scars and pigmentation all over my face. It's easily covered with foundation, but I still... READ MORE

Does Smartskin Fractional CO2 laser work well for acne scars and how long is recovery?

I had a fraxel restore treatment and was not happy with the results at all even though I know it takes multiple treatments. I was recently informed by my laser technician who... READ MORE

Why is my nose changing shape?

Over the course of the past six months my nose has changed shape on its own. My right nostil is now bulged out and becoming more defined whereas my left nostil has remained... READ MORE

When should I see results after sclerotherapy?

I'm only 22 but I noticed a few veins on the back of my knees and wanted to get them taken care of with sclerotherapy. I think the nurse might have missed one of the larger... READ MORE

Where can I find a qualified and good doctor in Phoenix who performs functional Rhinoplasty?

I need sinus surgery but I would also like to correct a bump in my cartilage cause by trauma. I bumped my nose when I was younger and my nose is somehow pushing the cartilage... READ MORE

Do I need a Plastic Surgeon who is also an ENT or can I have only an ENT operate on me?

I need to get a sinus surgery done but I have this bump right over my right nostril that needs to be fixed as well. My nose was perfect growing up and my doctor said it is from... READ MORE

What is causing this hump to grow above my left nostril? Is it affecting my sinuses? (Photo)

All my life, I had a symmetrical nose until a few years ago when the cartilage above my left nostril started to convex slowly. It has been increasing every year and is very... READ MORE

Why would I need an ear cartilage graft for an asymmetical nose tip?

I had a consultation recently for my asymetrical tip. Half of my nose is perfect while over time the right half has grown to be bulbous. The plastic surgeon suggested to trim... READ MORE

Post accutane: Is there prescription shampoo for extremely oily hair?

I have an EXTREMELY oily scalp. Within 12 hours of washing, it looks like haven't washed in a week. I tried training it but every time a skip a day the oil runs down my face... READ MORE

Dermasweep or microdermabrasion with mild chemical peel for hyperpigmentation?

I'm getting microneedling done, but I want to add another treatment to the mix for better results. Would dermasweep or microdermabrasion with a mild chemical peel be better for... READ MORE

Would lip injections be a good fit for me? (Photo)

Here's the funny thing. I love the shape and size of my lips when they are closed, but when I smile with my teeth my lips get so thin that it looks like I'm in pain, I kid you... READ MORE

What can I do about sagging cheeks at 25 years old? (photo)

I noticed recently in photos that I have sagging in one of my cheeks. I always had fat cheeks and just recently I notice that they are starting to form this weird crease under... READ MORE

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Oh and what dose were you on and for how long? READ COMMENT

Did you use Bio Oil while on accutane? I'm currently on it and I have no active acne at the moment, but a lot of scars. Does it clog pores? READ COMMENT