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Not Sure What to Get or Even Do This...

Hello ladies, I am 30 years old, 3 kids and have a 36b breast size, they are relatively perky and ok looking but I am 6 feet tall and 130 pounds so I want something to make me... READ MORE

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Hey fellow Edmontonian...thanks for the Docs name, I willkeephiminmind when I make my decision :) honestly can you tellme how the gummys feel? the implants I mean, i am really wanting to go with that kind but worried they might be too... READ COMMENT

They do look really good, but I think they are HUGE,lol...I have noticed that the gummy/gelimplants often looks nicer and I thought your looked good (in a non lesbian way,lol) peace. READ COMMENT

Dang, I saw the new pictures and waas like THOSE ARE HUGE,lol...MAKES ME want to do it,lol im so chicken of something like capsular contracture. Anyways, can I ask why you never went with the supposedly safer GEL implants? or gummy bear... READ COMMENT

Thanks, I have a feeling if I get mine done it willbe similar,lol oh well :P READ COMMENT

I have another question when you lay down on your back do your implants feel wierd like balls? cause normal boobs flatten out so do fakes feel weird under the skin>? what does your man say about the feel? I am close to your before shot... READ COMMENT