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I agree with everyone, your nose already looks nice, it's cute, curvy and fits your face well. I would avoid a sharp pointy nose tip, but that's just my opinion :) and I'm glad your doctor talked you out of raising your bridge, because... READ COMMENT

Everyone is right about the swelling... let me tell you when i went in for my 2 week splint and cast removal I was devastated at the results and felt exactly like you, but from my previous research I already knew it was too early to... READ COMMENT

Oh, i forgot to answer your question.. yes i had kenalog at 9 months post-op. READ COMMENT

It would be wise to listen to your doctor. Most doctors would recommend waiting till the majority of swelling has subsided before doing kenalog injections which is best done in small doses over a period of time. The hardest thing about... READ COMMENT