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Cutting Along C-Section Scar During Tummy Tuck?

I am thinking of having a Tummy Tuck. However, on almost all the before and after photos I've viewed (whether here in this site or elsewhere), the cut line seems to be too high... READ MORE

Bruise like knot that appeared under my belly button after tummy tuck. What should I do? (Photo)

I went to take a sponge bath and upon removing my garter ended up with a bruise like knot under my belly button. When touching it, it feels firm -knot like. I have put a call... READ MORE

New Stretch marks after Tummy tuck? (photos)

Ok i am not sure if what i am seeing is newly form stretch marks (red streaks) or marks from the compression garmet or a rash. I am 3 weeks post opo. I also know those were not... READ MORE

Upper rib cage protruding after 5 months. Is this temporary? (Photo)

I came home today to find my upper cage protruding. ..the definition was gone. I know I am still healing and I've been feeling a littlr sick with pain in this area -a dense... READ MORE

What works for Melasma?

I've been diagnosed with Melasma and I am on Lytera and retinol by skin medica and all my dark spots are darker and larger. I live out of the sun and cover up very well. I just... READ MORE

Hard numbness & swelling 1.5 years post tummy tuck

I understand & accept that there might be a triangle portion of the belly that will lose sensation. My concern is that it's a hard numbness & interfering with my... READ MORE

Belly almost 2 years after Tummy Tuck, why would this be? (Photo)

Almost 2 years post Tummy Tuck. I guess my frustration is I workout most frequently, i am vegan as well and i am not sure what's going on here. My tummy shouldn't be looking... READ MORE

Little tiny hole in forehead for a long time. (photo)

I've had this tiiny hole in my forehea, a little below my hair line for a very long time. Maybe 2 years. It hasn't gotten any bigger and is flat not lumpy. In the beginning, it... READ MORE

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Yes, took accutane here & yes, not only did i ended up with melasma but also cellulite. Accutane was the beginning which gave way to liver spots as well. Warm lemon water in the morning, vegan diet, exuviance mixed with murad has... READ COMMENT

Sorry that you are going through that as i am. the melasma on my skin is almost gone. i responded above your comment with what i use and have done. hope that you find it helpful READ COMMENT

I've been battling Melasma for about a few years now. Mine is almost gone. Blush covers the rest very well on my cheeks & some powder covers my forhead very well. it's almost gone. i had it on my upper lip (very dark), cheeks,... READ COMMENT

Sorry my phone just didn't take my spelling corrections READ COMMENT

But Accutane causes cellulite. it is also temporary. years later i got melammsma with a vengeance. but you are righr, it is hormonal but also adrenal as well READ COMMENT