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Still Waiting. Had Lipo on Chin With a Necklift 4 Weeks Ago - Virginia

I had liposuction under my chin and a necklift with incisions behind ears 4 weeks ago. I am not happy with results. My chin incision is quite large and very noticeable. The area that was liposuctioned is still extremely sore, swollen, hard and lumpy. The incisions behind my ears are very red and continue to crust if I don't clean several times a day. My neck skin is still loose especially... READ MORE

Questions from Jean6200

Is This Normal 4 Weeks After Liposuction?

Is it normal to have a swollen, hard, sore area under the chin 4 weeks after liposuction? Also, is it normal to still have no feeling in one of my ears and the sutured area... READ MORE

Are my Results Normal?

I had chin liposuction one month ago. I still have a hard, sore lump and the skin is saggy. I wore my chin strap constantly at first and now that I'm back at work I wear it in... READ MORE

Why Do I Still Have Saggy, Loose Skin on my Chin 10 Weeks After a Neck Lift with Chin Liposuction? (photo)

My PS wants to do a follow up procedure in office to pull up the loose skin and attach it to the area at the ear. Is this advisable? Should I wait longer to see if the skin... READ MORE

Failed Necklift?

Is it possible for the platysma muscle to snap back to its post operative position right after a necklift. The skin on my neck and chin is loose and saggy 3 months after... READ MORE

Am I Within my Rights As a Patient?

I had a necklift 4 months ago with extremely poor results. My surgeon even agreed and offered to do a revision. I said that I would like a second opinion first. I also... READ MORE

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So, how did your final visit go? Are you satisfied with your results now? READ COMMENT

How has it turned out now? I am having a similar experience - very unhappy with results. READ COMMENT

Can I ask how you are doing now? I have had the same results, very saggy skin under the chin. My PS said it is because a 'complete' necklift was not done. I think like you it has to do with the liposuction process and the fact that I... READ COMMENT

So, went back to my PS and said that I was disappointed with the saggy, loose skin under my chin after my neck lif and chin liposuction. I was told that it was because I did not have a full necklift that would have included incisions... READ COMMENT

I guess my frustration is that I really did not have a terrible turkey neck. I had saggy skin on my chin and some wrinkles on my neck. Really just beginning to age. I just turned 62. I go back to my PS in 2 days and plan to discuss... READ COMMENT