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Nipple Surgery

8 Jul 2017, Created 2 months ago

Vivek Sivarajan, MBChB

1 out of 5 stars

I have selected Breast Lift as my Treatment as my actual treatment of Areola Reduction would not appear in the search bar. Areola reduction carried out in March 2016, which stretched after 3 months, skin pigmentation even over the scars. Op done under local, they forgot to give me a tablet they said would relax me, this was suppose to be given 30 mins before procedure but they all forgot and... READ MORE

Questions from Argxo

Will my areola likely stretch back to its original size after areola reduction using dissolvable stitches?

I had an areola reduction performed 3 months ago, taking them from 7cm to 4cm. I asked the surgeon at my consultation about permanent or dissolvable stitches, and he said... READ MORE

Can anything be done to remedy a misshapen chin/jaw? (Photo)

As long as I remember my jaw and chin have been misaligned. One side of my face looks bulkier and the other side slimmer. Is there anything that can be done surgically? The... READ MORE

Accutane and hairloss, should I stop treatment early?

Can anyone tell me if there is anything I can do whilst on accutane to try and stop my hair from falling out? I am a 24 yo female, i weigh 47kg and am on 40mg dose, I am half... READ MORE

Can I change my nose profile without changing the front view? And who would be a great surgeon in the UK for rhinoplasty?

My nose looks really good from the front and right, but my septum is slightly deviated and my left profile is different, my nose sticks out more the hump and tip look bigger... READ MORE