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Turbinate Reduction, Sinoplasty, Closed Rhinoplasty Finally Did It! - Hinsdale, IL

My out of pocket was $3600 I literally couldnt breathe very well for the past several years. My nose always felt stuffy and i suffer from vertigo and light headedness. After having tons of test, my diagnoses was geared towards vertigo from migrains. I went with this for 4 years up until 3 months ago. Going to Dr Girgis, i was quickly tested for hearing issues (another vertigo issue) and had 2... READ MORE

Consultation... Not What I Was Hoping for - Chicago, IL

I had read Dr. Shah's comments and looked through all of the photos on his real self page. Unfortunately, after getting a consultation, he told me that none of the pictures of Before and Afters were of his work. I was hoping to repair my deviated septum and perhaps smooth the bump off of my nose. I didn't feel comfortable, I was probably the very last client to have been seen and everyone may... READ MORE

African American Pixel Laser - Hinsdale, IL

After getting my "Feeling Good" Tummy trimmed, My surgeon took one look at me and said Pixel would work. I was a bit afraid because of my skin color. We tend to hyperpigmentate and if you tap my arm to hard, I bruise! .. What I am thinking is a Risk, my Surgeon whom I trust to the 1000's told me that I'd be just fine. Well today is Day 2. I took pics of my face or... READ MORE

African American Latisse - Chicago, IL

So far so good. I'm on my second bottle of Latisse and I can tell that it's FINALLY working!! just as suggested, my lids are just a tiny shade darker but it's nothing that is extremely noticable. My lashes are much longer and I was glad that my doc suggested it to me. It was a buy one get one free and I received my second box via mail within 2 weeks of using my 1st bottle. The... READ MORE

FULL TT/LIPO Hinsdale,IL (burbs) By Way of Chitown ! One of the Best Things I've Ever Done - Hinsdale, IL

After my second Child in 2000, I knew that I would dream of this Precedure. Especially looking as if I carried tripletts the entire time that I was pregnant. I wasn't sure how I would be able to afford something like this but I'm taking the plunge because it's something that I'm doing for me. I have been a pretty athletic woman for the past 6 years, working out 5 days... READ MORE

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Are There Good Latisse Results for African Americans ?

I wanted Latisse for thin eye lashes but was quickly suggested not to get it due to the hyperpigmentation of the eye. I wasn't sure exactly what part would get Dark.. Could... READ MORE

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Compression Garments in Regular Department Stores ?

I'm day 8 Post Op from Full TT and Lipo.. I was told when I return to the office (and I'm praying to GOD for these Drains and these incisions removed), that I need a... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck/ Lipo/ Tubal/ 20 Day Post Op and I'm Thrilled!!!

After those Dreadful Drains :smile: I went today for a 20 day Post Op.. I've received clearence to begin jogging and even some ab work at the gym!! I've lost 5lbs so... READ MORE

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You look terrific!! I wouldnt guess you are 50's anything READ COMMENT

Hi! I put hot water through the Keurig (or boil it) .. cooled it of with filtered water, Put a teaspoon of Sea Salt.. Mix.. Stand over the Sink,, breathe the water in and let it run out..all of the gunk will run out with it.... my nose... READ COMMENT

Hi we went through same thing (even the pms part) ice in a zip lock bag wrapped thinly with a towel helps with your eyes and tear ducks.. Its been 2 days since packing removed and my nose is still stuffed. Although simple saline works... READ COMMENT

Its lovely! Our surgery was the same time. My cast removal was on the 16th.. Im still stuffy with a sore and swollen nose and sleeping through the night is still difficult. Hoping my nose really takes shape by this time next month. Will... READ COMMENT

My surgery was on the 12th if your throat gets dry, biotene moth spray helps. I had difficulty sleeping.. Ice packs will help your refrain from the purple eyes on day 2.. Also Liquid melatonin will help with sleeping. Its not as... READ COMMENT