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Questions from Stratoat

Will Hydroquinone 4% Lighten a Flat Mole and Improve Its Appearance Cosmetically? (photo)

Please let us ignore the fact that hydroquinone may be carcinogenic and simply concentrate on whether it can benefit me cosmetically. I have asked derms if these moles can be... READ MORE

Do Blackheads Always Have to Be Manually Extracted or Can They Resolve on Their Own?

I have read inconsistent information from doctors regarding blackheads. Some say that topical medications, especially tretinoin, can help blackheads go away. Others say that... READ MORE

Do I have a nasal tip deformity or is my nose within the normal range? (photos)

I am contemplating getting rhinoplasty as a 27-year-old male as I'm concerned that my nose is detracting from my appearance. I want to know if I'm imagining things or are my... READ MORE

Is there a doctor who can use fillers to treat my scleral show (white space under iris)? (photos)

I would like fillers to treat my scleral show as I've read it's effective. Are there any doctors in the US offering this sort of nonstandard injection? READ MORE

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Maybe try low dose like 10 mg of accutane (isotretinoin). It works for both acne and rosacea. If you do a low dose like 10 mg, then your side effects shouldn't be too bad. READ COMMENT

Also, I am on tazorac .1% gel and found it much better than retin-a. I don't get any blackheads anymore at all (I never got zits). I don't know any good dermatologists in the area, and I got it from my regular doctor in Redding. I saw... READ COMMENT

I think .05 would probably be better for you. .1 is not too much more effective than .05 and is far more irritating. Go for the .05 cream as that way you won't need to use a moisturizer at night when you apply as the base itself is... READ COMMENT