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What exactly do U ladies want from a BBL?

Hey Ladies, I am new to this site and so greatful to habve an outlet. i recently decided to have the BBL after not much thought but while trolling this site< I am touched... READ MORE

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They'll see how much support they get from these chicks if God forbid something happens to them. READ COMMENT

I can comment whereever I please just as you can. If you truly are here to support one another, posing with half truths is not the way to go. what part of my post was a lie? that you should do research or that duran does mre than 3... READ COMMENT

WOW!! how can you truly say this girl is lying? I dont know where youre doing your research but Duran does waayyy more than 3 surgeries a day. Please do your research and donbt rely on RS to give accurate accounts of surgeries in other... READ COMMENT

Yasss! You look fabulous! Hope u enjoy every minute of it READ COMMENT

I spoke with my coordinator at 4pm, she claims Hasan has a family emergency and will be back in May. I said there's a rumor he's not there anymore she said he's human like the rest of us and is entitled to take time to deal with family... READ COMMENT