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Reparata, has your "new" doctor been able to correct problems caused by the juvederm injections under your eyes? May I ask the name of your new doctor? I need some correction work done as I had juvederm injected under my eyes two... READ COMMENT

Thanks for posting the photo's - you look great! :)) READ COMMENT

Hello my friend...thank you for your detailed and thoughtful email. I will give this a try. Would it be too much to ask for you to take a photo of your new and improved self? If not, it's okay - just thought I would ask. I will let... READ COMMENT

Hello did you find out about Belotero and Peggy at Dr. Tarbet's office? As mentioned, I have had the same experience as you with Dr. Young - before that, 2 years before, I had a bad experience with another physician. Dr... READ COMMENT

Thanks so much...I have spent around $3,000 !!! I will definitely look at the facercise site. READ COMMENT