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Cheek Implants While Using Invisalign?

Hi, I am considering getting cheek implants silicone intraoral. I am currently using invisalign teeth aligners and wondering if that will be a problem, can I stop using... READ MORE

Eyelid Folds Slightly Saggy Would Thermage Help?

Hi, I am in my mid thirties and am noticing the upper eyelid makes a fold and the skin looks a bit saggy and makes my eyes look tired, would thermage help? I am afraid to do a... READ MORE

Red Veins in Eyes. Removal or Whiten Eyes?

Hi I have lots of red veins in my eyes the sclera looks full of tiny and some large veins. Is there any doctor in Seattle that whitens the eyes or removes at least the large... READ MORE

Fraxel for East Asian olive skin acne scars. Any suggestions? (photos)

HI, i have olive skin and am east Asian. I am considering fraxel for acne scars but scared i might scar or hyperpigment. what is the correct laser type and setting i should... READ MORE