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Dentist I Went to is Great and Did Great Job. Staff Very Friendly As Well But... - Palo Alto, CA

Well I have been whitening my teeth for many years... started back when I was 15 when I was sitting in the car with my dad laughing when he told me my teeth were yellow... ever since then i been obsessed with white teeth...thanks who I whiten my teeth every few times a year so when i got the zoom whitening I feel that i didn't get very much whiter from it... possibly because... READ MORE

I Got my BOOBS Done Yesterday! - San Francisco, CA

So i got my boobs done yesterday and so far so good...the surgery went very smoothly and went by so fast... pain was mild and i had some discomfort but nothing unbearable. today is my second day post op. my skin is still very tight and pain still there but nothing that is unbearable.. Hope my implants drop soon and round out. I got silicon 550cc and 600cc on the other breast since i had on... READ MORE

Juvederm Injections - San Francisco, CA

I had juvederm injections done for the first time about three weeks ago... i already have very full lips so people thought i was crazy for even considering it. but i just wanted a more plumper look in my upper lip... so i went to get them done and the nurse who did them only put very little at first since i have very full lips we didn't want to put to much we agreed that if they weren't what i... READ MORE

Bbl with Dr. Mendieta...Coconut Grove,FL

I have only been thinking about this surgery for about one month since i was in miami visiting my friend.. she told me about the fat transfer surgery that her friend got and told me i should look into it... my friend has booty shots...which i don't want since they are illegal and i heard so many bad stores about them... i was originally going to go with dr. mendieta since he is the doctor who... READ MORE

Questions from Ms. Storm

How Long After Breast Augmentation Should I Wait to Get Brazilain Butt Lift (Fat Transfer)?

I got my breast done November 5th, 2012... I scheduled a brazilian butt lift (Fat transfer) for Febuarary 26th, when I was going over the paper work it stated that chances of... READ MORE

I Did Extacy Last Night and my Surgery is Feb 26?

I haven't done ecstasy in over a year... and i only ever do it maybe once a year if that... will this effect me since my surgery is 7 weeks away??? I'm having brazilian butt... READ MORE

Butt Implants... Do They Always Come out Hard?

I just recently had a bbl but i might want my butt bigger ...i was curious about butt implants...but i was concerned about them making my butt feel they always come... READ MORE

Who is the Best Doctor to Perform Buccal Fat Removal and Neck Lipo?

I want to get buccal fat removal and neck lipo for double chin. I am searching for the best doctor to perform this surgery. distance is not a problem. Thanks! :-) READ MORE

Do I need to stop taking birth control before a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had this procedure done before and I can't remember if I stopped taking them a month prior the last time. My dr. didn't say I had to stop taking them but I know there is a... READ MORE

Do any dr's here specialize in Jowls liposuction?

I want to get the fat removed on my jawline so it is more defined but I can't find any doctors who offer this procedure. Do any doctors here offer jowl liposuction or know of... READ MORE

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Just was curious if your implants make your butt feel hard? i was considering getting implants...i just had bbl...but i might want to get it bigger with implants...thanks :) READ COMMENT

Yeah just stay eating healthy bigger portions...i allowed myself to cheat and eat bad things to...i just maintain my healthy lifestyle and including eating bad things to...not to much though...try not to have any negative thoughts...i... READ COMMENT

Thanks girl:-)...people said i was taking the easy way out with lipo n bbl...but that couldn't be farther from the truth ...going through surgery is not easy...theres just somethings that you can't achieve strictly through working out..... READ COMMENT

They told me i can do it I'm sure you will be able to as well READ COMMENT