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Sorry to read that the procedure did not work for you. I don't know if it is the technique of the doctor during the treatment or your ability to heal or a combination of both. I am 61 years old and hated my cellulite. I first saw the... READ COMMENT

I am 61 years old and hated my cellulite. I flew to NY to have the procedure done by Dr. Bruce Katz, the doctor who pioneered this procedure and did some of the clinical trials that led to the FDA clearance. The Cellulaze procedure was... READ COMMENT

Twenty four hours a day for one week, except you can remove the garment to take a shower. READ COMMENT

Those baby peas may be scar tissue. I had the same thing happen to me and checked with my doctor; he said that that the alignment is caused by the bundling of the scar tissue. Unfortunately, the baby peas began growing bigger and... READ COMMENT

I am from Florida and flew to NY for the Cellulaze procedure approximately six weeks ago on the front, back, outer and inner thighs at a cost of over $13,000. I am in excellent health, work out, eat healthily and am not overweight --... READ COMMENT