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There is a girl who just canceled for end of September on here.... READ COMMENT

You look great girl dammmmnnn.... READ COMMENT

WOW...just f&%king wow...was he a Board certified plastic surgeon? If so he should have known better...I'm not a surgeon and I know that's a lot of surgery to send you home like that.. .any medical bills he should pay for..I would sue... READ COMMENT

Well that was six years ago I have gained weight but very proportional like usual...and as far as numbness I had that for about three years but the feeling did come back and I didn't even notice because I had gotten so use to... READ COMMENT

I have to agree with trigger...I honestly believe it has to do with the amount that id taken..think about fad diets that lose 20 pounds in two weeks...they gain all that weight back and then some. Your body needs to loose fat gradually... READ COMMENT