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Is It Possible to Clench Your Teeth in an Effort to Make Jaw Muscles Bigger and Achieve This?

I'm just curious, I've been clenching my jaw (not very hard, just keeping it tight) since the beginning of the year and my jaw muscles seem to have grown larger, but I'm not... READ MORE

Do Cheekbones Change After Getting Braces?

I had my braces put at the age of 16 to fix an overbite and my orthodontist told me that, because I was mouthbreathing when I was little, my cheekbones didn't fully develop. So... READ MORE

Can All the Negative Effects of Mouth Breathing on Facial Growth Be Treated Surgically Too?

What I actually mean is that if the mouth breathing problem and effects on facial growth are discovered too late (like at 20 years old), can all these negative effects be... READ MORE

Can You Still Expand You Upper Jaw if You Had Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

What I mean is that if the palate expander will expand the actual upper maxillary, not like replacing the teeth to fit your narrowed jaw shape. What I also want to know is that... READ MORE

Is It True That Wisdom Teeth Extraction Will Change Your Face?

I heard many speculations that this procedure will actually change your face shape and even read that some models have this surgery done to make their face more chiseled. I... READ MORE