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Will a Breast Lift Improve Skin Texture or Just the Shape?

I am 31 years old and have lost 60 lbs. I want to get a lift because my breasts are droopy, but I also want to improve what appears to be excess skin on my breasts. A light... READ MORE

Are There Any Promising New Stretch Mark Treatments That Will Be Available Soon?

The experts on this site seem to agree that the current stretch mark treatments are only partially effective. I wonder what is the outlook for stretch mark treatment in the... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Add Back a Mole Removed by a Tummy Tuck?

I am considering a tummy tuck after massive weight loss. There is a mole next to my belly button which I always liked. I think it's cute and one of the things that make me... READ MORE

Can cosmetic surgery make you pretty if you aren't sure what's wrong?

I don't have any one thing I'm dissatisfied about my face, but I am very plain. I've spent lots of money on make up and hair professionals, but it doesn't help that much. Would... READ MORE

Is a tummy tuck advisable for someone who doesn't have muscle separation?

I have lost 70 lbs and want to lose 40 more. I am trying to predict if I will need a tummy tuck so I can prepare my time and money. I did the test where I lie on my back, lift... READ MORE

Can I fix my sunken eyes? (Photo)

As you can see, my eyes are very deep in the socket, and my brow bone juts forward horribly. Is there a way to correct this? READ MORE

How soon after weight loss can I get a Tummy Tuck?

I have lost 70 lbs and have 20 more to lose. I want to get a tummy tuck in August (otherwise I have to wait another year to get time off work). I am losing weight with lots of... READ MORE

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Amazing! I'm so impressed. I also started at 250 and I'm at 180 now, so I'm on my way there. May I ask how you lost the weight? Your shape is so beautiful, by the way. Such a perfect hourglass figure. I plan to get surgery to achieve... READ COMMENT

It was really only $4,500 total for both a tummy tuck and a breast lift? READ COMMENT

As the daughter of a mother who never spent any time or money on herself, I have to say it's bad parenting to NOT do things for yourself. I grew up in a community where women were expected to quit their jobs and live entirely for their... READ COMMENT

It looks great! Thank you for posting this. It's very reassuring. I was worried that I was going to need a tummy tuck after my weight loss, but looking at these pictures, I guess I won't need to. READ COMMENT