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Guys, I have a question. Just got my flanks and hips done and the left side seems to have an INDENTATION on it, the right does not. Did he take too much out? I don't know what to say or think? I am definetly not proportioned. I know I... READ COMMENT

You look AMAZING! You're so lucky you have no cellulite girl! READ COMMENT

Hey girl! Go to endermology. You will see a difference. My friend got her abs done and she was freaking out that lump would never go away. She massaged it and went to endermology and it was gone 3 weeks later. READ COMMENT

I'm back with more updates. Thighs look great and I'm totally stoked! Much more confident. Wish I didn't have cellulite, but that's a different story. The contour is def different. I actually think he could have taken a little bit more... READ COMMENT

HI ladies, I am also about 10 days outter thighs, 7 days inner thighs and knees. I saw the doctor yesterday to get my stitches out. I inquired about the swelling and uneveness. But he says it should be looking better in a month. I... READ COMMENT