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Power Assisted Lipo...aka PAL So Far So Good - South Bend, IN

I have added some more pictures at 12 weeks post-op.  I still seek improvement in my figure and will continue putting in my time in the gym.  Whether you choose traditional liposuction with PAL, Vaser, or Smart Lipo, make sure you are choosing a qualified physician.  I am very satisfied with my results, I am certain that i could not have obtained these results by diet and... READ MORE

Still Loving my Good Eyesight 3 Years Later

I am so glad I finally made the decision to have Lasik correction. I had researched this procedure even back in the day when it was only experimental. I attended a lecture where they were looking for volunteers to do the procedure on, problem is back them they would only do one eye at at time, and I was in the middle of college so having my vision being altered was not a wise idea. This was... READ MORE

Good Time to Relax, but Getting Thinner Did Not Happen

I forgot that I had done a Body Wrap a couple of years ago on one of my treat myself days. Now I did not do this thinking I was going to come out thinner. I truly just wanted to give myself a treat during a high stress time of my life. I did choose one of the wraps that is supposed to lose inches. But I had no expectations and thank goodness for that.The procedure was initially very cold,... READ MORE

Microderm Felt Great and Left Skin Nice, but You Have to Keep at It....

I went to a spa a couple of years ago for a treat to myself. I had microderm on 2 separate occasions and was happy with the results. I did not continue the treatments due to cost and the recommended frequency. I would definitely do it again were cost not a factor.The first time I did just my face, the second time I did face and neck (price was a bit higher) I would definitely keep at it if... READ MORE

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Difference Between Vaser Liposuction, Vaser Hi Def, and Vaser Super Def?

Can you please explain the difference between Vaser Liposuction, Vaser Hi Def and Vaser Super Def? In reading and research of Liposuction, it seems that these terms are not... READ MORE

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One other thing BJ, telling someone here that their results are not typical just proves that you have not spent much time at all on this site. Because if you had, you would see that the majority of people have had very similar results... READ COMMENT

Fortunately you are one of the FEW that have had positive results so far. Most of the feedback on this site is negative because people have had VERY bad results, results that have left them deformed. This product is NOT approved for... READ COMMENT

In response to your question about how it can be used when not FDA approved, you have to understand that the it does not matter what the FDA approves or not, because even a drug that is approved by the FDA to be used in a specific way,... READ COMMENT

This really is a bad product. I consulted a doctor that does it and he even discouraged me from doing it. I saved and had lipo. I was working out at 3 weeks post-op though I still had soreness, but I love my results. Lipo is very... READ COMMENT

Definitely don't go buy an entire new wardrobe just yet. I definitely had a shape change from 4 weeks to 11 weeks, so be patient because it is likely to get even better. glad things went well for you. I know it was the best decision... READ COMMENT