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I could not see clear for about 3 weeks! My swelling went up and down for a few months. Don't get discouraged. I am very happy now! Bandages were always slipping off me too. Soon Dr. will say it is not necessary! BTW, I like the... READ COMMENT

I was sleepy my first 2 weeks! But it passed the time away! LOL have patience. This will pass.I can see the swelling coming down slowly. READ COMMENT

WOW you look so MUCH YOUNGER!!! You are looking like you are so ahead of the game. I was much more swollen at this time. Enjoy this journey. You look great! READ COMMENT

Yes...I agree carbonated drinks and really as little salt as possible! Try not taking pain killers...just use Ibuprofen. Sometimes pain killers are not so good. You might feel better without prescription drugs. Trust me, I was as... READ COMMENT

You will have numbness for quite some time. You will get use to it and one day it will be gone. You will also ave stiffness with climate changes. I had pulling if I ate spicy or salty food. It goes with the territory...but remember how... READ COMMENT