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How to Tighten or Smoothen Crepey Skin After Lipo?

I would like to tighten and smoothen the skin on my knees and thighs. I am 40 years old, weighing 120 lbs. 6 years ago, I had a Liposuction, and it ruined my thighs and knees.... READ MORE

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I do not have bumps from my pearlane treatment and my two friends do not. we all went to the same reputable, facial plastic surgeon. i had no bruising. i was told, that two weeks prior to my treatment (as well with botox), to stop... READ COMMENT

If you had 2 out of three doctors tell you they would not do something and you chose the one that said that they would, why did you choose him? if two say no and one says yes, i am going with one of the no guys. i would be interested in... READ COMMENT

Your doctor should have numbed you first. my doctor numbed me and i felt nothing. READ COMMENT

Yes, your doctor sounds like she is trying to cash in on your misfortune. you can have an injection to make the filler just disappear. i was told that the first time i had a filler. if i did not like it, we could get rid of it. did you... READ COMMENT

It sounds like you did not choose a good doctor. i had no pain, after he injected me first with something to numb me. i went to a plastic surgeon, that just does faces. he does not do boob jobs, tummy tucks etc.. he is a facial plastic... READ COMMENT