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Let me ask you something, does your tip feel hard or does it feel normal (like it did before surgery). If it's still hard, then you still have swelling and that doesn't surprise me at all. The tip will take the longest to get back to... READ COMMENT

Tim, I don't think you have horrible luck. This takes a lot of time. Your nose is still healing from the trauma of surgery. It WAS a trauma and it takes so much time. The swelling WILL come down. I mean, is it really possible for the... READ COMMENT

At only 2 wks, your tip is probably still very swollen. I wouldn't worry yet. The tip takes the longest. READ COMMENT

Tim it will go down. The tip takes the longest, I know it's frustrating. I think what's more frustrating is these doctors don't really tell you point blank "Don't expect your final results until 9 months" or whatever. It will be much... READ COMMENT

@mezak, I totally agree. Some days the swelling will be more than other days. It's a long, drawn out process that requires a lot of patience and it can be frustrating so I understand how Tim's feeling (I had mine a little over 12 wks... READ COMMENT