Location: Denver. Pre-Surgeries: Deflated Natural D. Current Size 32 C. BWD: 13. I NEVER WANTED LARGE BREASTS!
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Breast Implant REDUCTION, LIFT

My stats: 5'5 (165cm), 110-115 (50kg), size 0. BWD (breast width and diameter): 13 Ribs: 28.5 34DD, 32E I have always had large breasts and a very tiny body. My sister used to call me a caricature. It was cute then because they were natural and perky. However, they began deflating a bit when I was in grad school, and I immediately looked into getting them "re-filled" b/c, by that... READ MORE

Questions from CovetingSmallPerkyBreasts

What Kind of Breast Augmentation Revision Procedure Would You Recommend in my Situation? (photo)

Saline,'05. Rt B deflated & Silicone gel replacements, '08. Doc went larger (DD-ugh!), w/ circumareolar lift. Said my Lft B had scarring that he had to remove= ugly, big... READ MORE

Please Help With Lift/Revision Sizing Question? (photo)

I am 5"5, 115, 34DD to 32DDD, with a BWD of 13. I'm getting Natrelle 410 implants, & I currently have McGhan 10's, at 14.8 cm and 480 cc's. My options w/ the 410's are:... READ MORE

Will a Natrelle 410, 320 Moderate Height, Moderate Projection Implant, Plus Breast Lift, Give Me Small Enough Breasts? (photo)

5"5,114, BWD:13. I have Mcghan 10's, 485cc, 14.8 cm, sili, unders. I want a dramatic reduction in size & shape. I'd like high & firm, w/ little/no lobe over the fold... READ MORE

Breast lift and implants with thin skin: how big should i go? (photo)

My doctor overly tightened my L breast (it was the smaller, but he thought it was larger, b/c my R breast's implant was deflated), & he put in too large of implants. My... READ MORE

How Do You Prevent a Woman's Natural Breast Tissue from Falling to the Sides, Away from the Implant, when She Lays Down? (photo)

In both of my prior BA's (unders-saline/silicone), my breast tissue fell to the sides when I lay on my back. I am about to get much smaller form stable implants... READ MORE

How Do You Retain Natural Upper Pole Fullness, W/o Going Big or High Profile? (photo)

& Prevent Implants from Falling into Lower Lobe, 1st BA-350 filled to 375, 12.3W, 4.5 proj. Current BA-480, 13.8cm, 3.9 proj. In both, the breasts drop from the muscle... READ MORE

How Do You Make a Brand New Pocket During a Breast Augmentation Revision, when the First Was Under the Muscle?

I am getting a BA revision and replacing smooth silicone under rounds with textured gummy bear anatomicals. I am going much smaller, as well. My surgeon indicated that he will... READ MORE

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When did you have your surgery done? Are you dark skinned? READ COMMENT

I am very light skinned, so I am really lucky with regard to scarring... READ COMMENT

I never wore a binder-? Unless you mean that bra-? I am wearing it now! Haha. I was very paranoid, so I was careful, but I did not have a ton of pain, per se. My situation was more psychological and less pain. For instance, I know it... READ COMMENT

Did you have drains? I had drains, so there was not a ton of swelling. I am at 8 months, and I do feel like they are getting more "tight," if that makes sense. I would say that I could tell my bra size pretty quickly (as soon as he gave... READ COMMENT

How big did you end up going with the 410's? READ COMMENT