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Very Pleased with Dr. Geldner, Highly Recommend. Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery for 34 Year Old Mommy, - Chicago, IL

After consulting 4 different doctors with no avail, I finally found Dr. Geldner by the grace of god. I was looking forward to the consult, it was slotted for an hour, the standard for his breast surgery consultations. Right away, I felt at ease when I arrived. The office has wine colored carpet throughout, and feels like you are in an upscale living room! I met with Marilyn, whom I had... READ MORE

Questions from Thumperbunni

Is this tiny fold of skin above Inframmammary incision normal?

I had a breast augmentation revision surgery done August 14th, and I am a little concerned about the this pinch or fold of skin I see above the inframmamary fold's incision.... READ MORE

After breast augmentation, one breast still looks bad and asymmetrical. Will it get dramatically better or am I doomed? (Photos)

I went from 315 saline unders to 550 silicone hp's via dual plane 2.5 weeks ago. I always wanted to go bigger and my right breast appears deformed, it humps down and the nipple... READ MORE

How many ccs would I need to achieve my desired look? Would 550ccs be enough? (Photo)

Hello? I am currently 550cc's silicone hp dual plane. I am wondering how much bigger I would need to go to get this look. Just had a revision from 315 saline, but I think I... READ MORE

When lowering breast fold during implant exchange, how long does it take for 1 or both breasts to have a defined crease? (Photo)

Hi & TY for answering my previous ?'s. I now have a bigger concern with my left breast. The crease was lowered to accommodate a larger implant. I noticed right away a tiny... READ MORE

When lowering the fold during breast implant revision, how long does it take for the new crease to define and soften? (Photo)

TY for answering my previous questions. I now have a bigger concern with my left breast! The fold was lowered to accommodate a larger implant. I noticed right away a tiny pinch... READ MORE

Can anyone tell me what her approximate "extra large" breast implant size may be? (Photo)

Can anyone make an educated guess of how big she is? How about in relation to me? I am 5'4, 130lbs, with 550cc's hp silicone dual plane. I love this look though. I would guess... READ MORE

I like model Rachel Lynn's size. Can anyone tell me what her approximate breast implant size? In relation to me? (photos)

I love this model's breast size. I had to lower my crease in order to go to 550cc's high profile silicone. I wonder how many cc's she is, and also in relation to me, to get her... READ MORE

I love model Jessa Hinton's breasts and size. Can anyone tell me her approximate breast implant size? In reference to me?(photo)

If I am ever lucky enough to swap mine out, I would want Jessa Hinton's size. I can see her implants are higher up on her chest, and she has great side boob. She appears to... READ MORE

Can anyone make an educated guess model Jessa Hinton's breast implant size? (Photo)

I really like her size and overall look she's very high on her chest to get this look. I am petite like her and wear a 32 band like she most likely does. I know there are many... READ MORE

Recent comments from Thumperbunni

Hi thank you for letting me know! I so want bigger like 700 I want to go. I'm so mad I didn't go bigger but actually I consulted 5 surgeons and only the last one was willing to lower my breast crease, all the others said no more than... READ COMMENT

Congratulations! So with that size you had to do saline? For that big a size can you feel the saline implant? READ COMMENT

Hi! I have one incision which is under the inframmary fold. And you are totally right, I think it is easy to get greedy about the size and ask all the "what if" questions. I feel like I am a difficult patient for him! Yes I am improved... READ COMMENT

Looks great! Just like your wish pic. Congrats! READ COMMENT