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Permanent Eyeliner- Love It - Calgary, AB

I had this done by a lady here in Calgary called "Natty" at "Natty's house of Beauty", My colleague had it done 18 years ago by Natty and has not needed a touch up. It still looks fresh. It hurt like a bugger but I would do it again. It took 2 hours and then 3 weeks later I went in for a touch up which took about just over an hour. I never have to wear eyeliner again! I hated it, I didn't... READ MORE

My Eyelashes Were Stubs After Having Extensions Removed. - Calgary, AB

I had eyelash extensions for 3 years. I was starting to have problems with the glue burning my right eyelid. It would be super itchy so I would scratch like crazy. Then I would lose a lot of lashes from my right eye and my left would be full. I was starting to need fills every two weeks at (with tip) was $52/ fill. I also had problems frequently feeling like there was something in my eye. I... READ MORE

It's Coming- with Dr Alejandro Quiroz - Tijuana, Mexico

I am going to Tijuana Mexico to have the following surgeries,,Face and neck lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, eye brow lift, rhinoplasty, fat transfer to the nasolabial folds, and dermabrasion to the lines above my lips. I am very nervous. This is my face and I worry about being maimed and/or being deformed. Just wondering if others have had this feeling? Some of the pics don't capture the... READ MORE

Questions from terrora

Could This Neck Lump Be Fluid? (photo)

Hi I am 6 days post face/neck lift upper and lower eyes,,rhinoplasty,,dermabrasion to lip lines. I have a red lump on my neck which my PS says it is fluid and it will go away.... READ MORE

Feel Run Down After Surgery..

9 days ago I had surgery and I am wondering if this is "normal recovery". I had a face and neck lift, brow lift, rhinoplasty, dermabrasion to upper lip, fat transfers to NL... READ MORE

I Look Deformed Day 11 After Face Lift- Need Reassurance? (photo)

Hi there I still have a lot of swelling post op but I look like I have downs syndrome. My eyes are too far apart and half the size as pre op. I don't look myself. My PS... READ MORE

Brown Spotty, Flaky Skin After Facial Rejuvenation Surgery? (photo)

HI,,I had multiple facial surgeries 3 weeks ago. My skin is now flaking off, brown..peeling. In my pictures it looks like I have freckling, but I don't. What is this from and... READ MORE

My Smile is Crooked 23 Days Post Face and Neck Lift? (photo)

My smile is crooked and it has been 23 days post face and neck lift etc. None of the other patients where I was had this happen and they all had face and neck lifts. I can only... READ MORE

My Eyes Look Screwy 23 Days Post Upper and Lower Bephs, Rhino Plasty and Browlift? (photo)

Is this normaL??? I look like I have Downs syndrome. One eye is stretched and oval and the other one is round and set back. A girl I was roomates with had the same surgeries... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Op- Look Younger? Too Puffy? (photo)

I am 6 weeks post: brow lift, upper and lower bleph, rhinoplasty, upper lip dermabrasion, fat transfer to NL folds, and face/neck lift. I had lunch with a friend today. She... READ MORE

Losing Weight After a Face Lift Okay?

Hi there I just had a face/neck lift among other things. I lost 20 lbs before surgery and had 14 left to lose. Well after being sedentary,+ the blues I gained about 12 lbs back... READ MORE

How long does it take before facial surgery totally settles and you start to look natural?

Hi I had a brow lift,upper and lower eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, dermabrasion, fat transfer to NL folds, and face+neck lift, 3 months ago. Two colleagues told me that I still... READ MORE

Will I need another surgery after weight loss?

I lost weight to have my facelift in August 2012. AT 5'6" I was 150lbs. In just over a year I gained the weight back and more. Up to 199. Had gastric sleeve Sept 2014-ENOUGH yo... READ MORE

Am I being too picky about my eyes? Had upper and lower bleph, and revision (Photo)

My eyes were never asymmetrical before upper and lower bleph. surgeries. I had them done in Aug. 2013. The surgeon never removed enough tissue so I went to another doctor in... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the little pouches at the side of my mouth?

Hi I had a face lift ,,upper and lower bleph, forehead lift, neck lift dermabrasion to upper lift and fat transfer to NL folds,and a rhinoplasty in 2013. Although I am happy... READ MORE

Cannot tolerate most foods, especially protein after a Gastric Sleeve. How can I resolve this? (Photo)

Hi, I had a VGS 14 months ago. Most foods now do not appeal to me. Most things I don't enjoy, but the things I tolerate the best are high carb foods such as noodles and rice... READ MORE

Should the surgeon discount my revision? (photos)

I had an upper bleph (revision) by a different surgeon who originally did my bleph. It was never as tight as I wanted it to be. Now a year and 9 months later it doesnt look... READ MORE

Recent comments from terrora

HI there Thanks so much. The one thing that people who know I had a facial surgery tell me, is that they cannot see any scarring. A lady I have worked with for nearly 6 years just told me that again a couple of weeks ago. Good luck. He... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your kind words :) READ COMMENT

I would contact Azdee, or email me personally at *********@yahoo.com She had to have everything he did redone, and after her face lift she said it didnt look like she was any younger at all or that anything was different. I would go to... READ COMMENT