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2 Rhinoplasties Later Still Unhappy?

I had a rhinoplasty a year ago to the day to reduce the tip of my nose. I was unhappy with the result my profile views were uneven and there was too much nostril flare. I had... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Swelling 2 Months Post Op Rhinoplasty?

Had a rhinoplasty in mexico in mid-July 2012 for the tip and septum in which I was butchered. 2 months later (mid-september) I went to an rhinoplasty expert in Arizona, paid... READ MORE

3 Rhinoplasties and Very Depressed?

The 3rd surgery took place 2 months after my butchered 2nd procedure. The revision surgeon performed an open procedure to insert the columella back into my face, he also broke... READ MORE

Would I Benefit From Columella and Alar Base Reduction?

I am Afr American and my nostrils are uneven my right nostril is bigger from worms eye point of view but my left nostril is wider from the front profile. Would I benefit from... READ MORE

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Why cant I have a normal nose?

I have had 3 rhinoplasty procedures which have left me mentally drained and scarred for life. I have been dealing with this dark chapter of my life now for over 5 years, I... READ MORE

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I am hoping the tip goes down I am satsified with the shape all my mental anguish lies within the tip. READ COMMENT

I think You look great just let time take its course it takes a while to fully recover from a rhinoplasty no matter what these surgeons say its anywhere from 2-5 years that is a Fact just let time do its thing hun more surgery will mean... READ COMMENT

Bajanor hospital i agree this site has helped me alot. Have you ever considered laser scar removal? I heard good things I am considering it myself READ COMMENT

Almost 7 months ago in Arizona sept 2012, but I had a tip plasty three months prior to that june 2012 in mexico. i went down there to talk to have my 3 month follow up in Az and was literally laughed out of the office. I am convinced my... READ COMMENT

If you are considering rhinoplasty please just be happy with your natural look that God blessed you with. I used to be so attractive now I wake up everyday to this ongoing nightmare I cant believe what I have done to myself. I am... READ COMMENT