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Mini Lift with Dr. Horndeski -Stafford, TX

I wanted a breast lift because I'd recently had my 12-year-old saline implants removed. My breasts were pretty deflated so I wanted to get them lifted back up. Dr Horndeski has a great office staff. They are -super- prompt at answering questions, and everyone in the office was nice. I traveled from out of town to have surgery after reading so many rave reviews on here. Surgery went... READ MORE

Feeling Natural and Great - Austin, TX

I got saline unders in 2001, went from a 32A to 32D. Most docs wanted to do small implants, but I was 19 and dumb and wanted bigger. They looked fake but things were fine. After I had kids I swelled up to a 32H. When I was done nursing I was still a huge 32F. Clothes didn't fit, they were uncomfortable and in the way. Most surgeons I saw recommended exchanging the implant and doing a lift... READ MORE

Questions from pearltx

How Long After Explant Can You Get a Mammogram?

I'm 1.5 weeks out of having an explant. I'm considering having a lift and possibly fat transfer in a few months. I'm thinking it would be good to get a mammogram before having... READ MORE

Why Aren't Open Wounds Re-stitched? (Breast Surgery)

I have an open wound post-op from my breast lift. My doc says let it be; reading stories here, it seems many other ladies are told the same thing. Why isn't stitching it closed... READ MORE

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How much does your look change over time post-explant?

I just had my explant 1.5 weeks ago and while I'm 100% glad I did it, my breasts look sad, flat, and droopy.  Is there any hope for them looking better?  If so when... READ MORE

Austin tx dr who does internal bra/lift/suturing?

Can anyone rec a dr in Austin who does internal suturing or an internal bra?  I'm looking to have this done in conjunction with a regular lift. Thanks! READ MORE

Anyone else looked 'bottomed out' right after surgery?

I'm thinking I look bottomed out.  I'm hoping it's partially due to swelling and will go away with time but I'm a little worried that it's not.   READ MORE

Best bra for giving lift? (Key w/Horndeski's UBL)

I had a mini UBL with Dr Horndeski about a month ago now (wow!) and it's nice to have them lifted up again, but I'm afraid my bras aren't giving as much lift and support as... READ MORE

Plugged ducts after lift?

Has anyone experienced issues with plugged ducts after their lift?  I've had a couple but I haven't read of others on here having issues :/  They're all taking place... READ MORE

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Hi, no, I don't feel lumpiness in my boob in general. It's so nice to feel regular boobs instead of implants!! The nipple incision is still kind of lumpy in places & there's still a little pleating. Nipple sensation is slowly coming... READ COMMENT

Nope :( The hunt continues. READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry. I've read that quite a few have had wounds open there. You may want to do a board search on open wounds. I had a small one and even asked the docs why can't they just stitch it back up, there were good answers there.... READ COMMENT

My old clothes fit (darn, was hoping to have to buy a new wardrobe, lol) but they fit *better*. I have a pre-surgery shirt that has one of those high waist / empire tops. Pre-surgery my bust was so full and saggy (I had implants too)... READ COMMENT

You're looking good!! My pleating is lessening over time. Now I only notice it after I've been out of my bra for a while (like showering). Nipple sensation is coming back slowly, I'm hoping that massaging the scars will also help. READ COMMENT