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Droopy Eyelid Problem?

Dear Dr. I have droopy eyelid on one of my eyes , the otherone droops too if i relax my face i dont have ptosis and i already went to eye specialist , plastic surgeon they said... READ MORE

Eyelid Problem, How to Know if I Have Too Much Eyelid Skin?

Dear Dr i already asked a question few days ago but i didnt get a reply from what i asked. i indicated that i dont have Ptosis at all, already been examined and ive gone to... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Shape, is There This Kind of Surgery? (photo)

Dear dr ive asken afew questions about droopy eyelid and so my eyelids droop,one of them always is drooping the other one droops sometimes i was wondering if there was a way... READ MORE

Botox on Eyebrow?

Dear Dr i have 1 eyebrow raised more than the other one giving me a tired look on1 of my eyelids ive consulted a plastic surgeon and he told me that botox could help fix this... READ MORE

Dry Eye Medication with Botox?

Dear Dr. I was wondering if having botox done on my eyebrow while getting treatment for my dry eye would be a problem Such as Steroidal drops or any kind of medication that... READ MORE

Spider Vein Under the Eyes?

1 month ago i suddenly got Spider veins under my eyes and ever since they've spread abit and i'm really worried they will spread even more .. I believe i got them from either... READ MORE

Will Botox Ever Cause Deformities or Permanent Bruising or Muscle Destruction if Used on a Long-long-term?

I just had botox done a few weeks ago and im only 21 years old , I do them for assymetry but im wondering if used for 20-30 years maybe , and everytime it wears off Will it... READ MORE

Dry Eyes Problem. How to Fix?

I am now getting treatment with eyedrops for my dry eyes and i was wondering if i should close my eyes as long as i can during the day to make them heal or if i should use them... READ MORE