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Doctor Review

Cheerful staff helped calm me down :)

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16 Mar 2017, Created 1 month ago

R. Stephen Mulholland, MD

5 out of 5 stars

Woman who administered my Kybella treatment helped calm me down, I was very nervous having never had any previous injections. I felt zero pain during the procedure and the burning that is expected after wasn't so bad as I could ice it right away. Everyone there seems really happy too! READ MORE

Treatment Review

Thin 29 year old hoping to get rid of chin fat :)


16 Mar 2017, Updated 6 days ago

Today I actually had to look twice at myself in the mirror ... either it's an improvement from baseline or I'm just happy to be normal again ;) Happy Easter all! READ MORE

Questions from sevenlost

What would you suggest for improvement of the double chin/jaw area?

I am and have always been thin. I am 5'8" and weigh about 115 lbs, very fit and workout often. However, my chin and jawline do not reflect that. What would you recommend? I... READ MORE

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Glad it has been helpful! :) Hope it works out for both of us x READ COMMENT

Thank you! Im glad they're helping. The swelling stays a lot longer than I thought, but it does eventually go away ;) x READ COMMENT

Glad you like it! Always good to have more open info on these kinds of things :) READ COMMENT

That is, relative to other days, not baseline! READ COMMENT

It may be too soon to say but you could be right. I personally had an aversion to lipo just for fear of that whole process vs injections. But the downtime is real and annoying for Kybella, as you can see :) READ COMMENT