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Liposuction on Stubborn Flanks but Wrong Garment Has Caused Damage

I had liposuction on my flanks to remove stubborn fat which just would not shift. I kind of got pushed into using MYA (Make Yourself Amazing) cosmetic surgery. My surgeon was great, but MYA themselves, I wish I had never gone via them. They have been appalling, as soon as I gave them my money, they did not care, this should have been an early warning sign that their service was going to go... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal and Skin Colour Ink Cover Up - United Kingdom

I had a tat done and stupidly did not check the transfer before actually getting it inked, thus afterwards I noticed... its the wrong way round. My little dragon was facing the wrong way on my arm. I loved the tattoo itself, it was purely the positioning that got to me. Now this my sound picky and pathetic, but I had to get it changed, I had to get my little dragon the right way round. So I... READ MORE

Questions from shelleywelly

Considering Lipo, But Worried About Weight Gain After Lipo? (photo)

I have been considering lipo on my love handles + poss stomach. Im worried about weight gain after lipo. Ive always been the same size + shape since I was 15 (Im now 27, with... READ MORE

Has Wearing the Wrong Garment Done Damage?

I am almost 2weeks postop for lipo on my lovehandles. When I went to my 1 week check up, I was told I had the wrong garment on, a male 1! That is the garment they provided... READ MORE

How Long Should I Massage for After Lipo?

I am currently 5 months post op for lipo on my love handles. I was advised to massage the areas (due to an ill fitting garment having been given to me for the 1st week post... READ MORE

Wearing Tight Jeans After Lipo?

I am currently 5 months post lipo on my lovehandles. My 1st week post op I was given the wrong garmet to wear, which caused an indentation which is still slightly visible today... READ MORE

Has wearing an incorrect, ill-fitting garment created indentations and is it permanent? (photos)

I was given an ill-fitting garment, worn for 2 weeks post-op, it scrunched up, caused discomfort & dug into the surgery areas. A new garment was given to me & I massaged daily,... READ MORE

Has ill fitting, incorrect garment caused indentations. Any suggestions? (photos)

I was provided an incorrect, very ill fitting garment post flank lipo. It was very uncomfortable, painful, creased and dug in to my body creating indentations. Now 3 years on I... READ MORE

Has incorrect garment damaged underlying fat tissue, causing indentations? (photos)

I had lipo in 2012 & was provided an incorrect garment. The garment was very uncomfortable & painful at some times. I have indentations in the same places that the garment dug... READ MORE

Cost to fix indentations caused by incorrect garment? (Photo)

I was given the wrong recovery garment and it has caused indentations in my flanks, where I had lipo. I have been told that fat transfer and possible further lipo could help to... READ MORE

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Thank you kindly. And I hope you manage to get yours smoothed out. READ COMMENT

Thank you for your sympathies. I am going to try that route. READ COMMENT

The indentations line up perfectly with the incorrect garments seams and creases. I have had a umber of people and Drs say that it is possible for a garment to create these issues. Even the garment manufacturer said it is possible, Plus... READ COMMENT

Oh good, you will be glad you did not decide to go with MYA. Good luck on your self improvement journey :-) READ COMMENT

Don't go with MYA, they are an awful company, their aftercare is very poor, so if you have any issues, you will be unlikely to get the help you need. I advise to keep researching and go with another company READ COMMENT