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Should my Stomach Look Bulgy at the Bottom 7 Days After Tummy Tuck? (photo)

Hello im really concerned with how my stomach looks, i had bandages on after surgery until today when i seen my ps. so today is my first day seeing my stomach. the bottom looks... READ MORE

Will Wearing a Compression Garment 9 Days After Surgery Hurt Your Incision? (photo)

My ps said not to wear a compression garment because the incision is so fresh by wearing the compression garment blood wont flow to the incision.9 days post-op the bottom still... READ MORE

Is it normal to have an opening in your incision 6 days after tummy tuck? (Photo)

It's a small opening in my incision 6 days after my tummy tuck I'm not sure if I was doing to much or if it's infected I've seen ppl post pics of their infection but it's... READ MORE

Is it healing or did it get worse? (photos)

So as I posted before I had a small opening in my incision 6 days after tummy tuck it was really clean the doctor told me to apply Neosporin and a bandage so I did and the next... READ MORE